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The Cost of Maintaining Legacy Systems

Maintaining patient records in numerous Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems comes with a hefty cost. Some healthcare organizations decide to leave historical patient data in legacy systems, but the maintenance costs over time can be significant and complex.

Trinisys is revolutionizing the way healthcare organizations traditionally aggregate, process and access historical clinical information from disparate legacy systems. Introducing Trinisys ClearView™, a new solution that allows you to cost effectively access and manage historical patient records.

ClearView solves diverse challenges with one flexible solution.

  • Eliminates significant maintenance and support costs for legacy systems.
  • Provides timely, at your fingertips access to complete historical patient records.
  • Improves productivity and staffing issues related to manually retrieving data for Release of Information requests.
  • Consolidates data or reduces the inability to aggregate disparate data.
  • Mitigate risks to PHI associated with poor security on non-compliant legacy systems.

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Quantifiable Impact with ClearView

A national hospital organization with over 100 hospitals reports that efficiency is up by 60% after implementing Trinisys ClearView. And, they anticipate saving at least $20 million by eliminating the significant annual maintenance costs associated with more than 300 EHR systems.

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<p>Consolidate non-strategic and disparate clinical systems, quickly and economically.</p>

Consolidate non-strategic and disparate clinical systems, quickly and economically.

<p>Single sign-on and ability to launch directly out of your EHR.</p>

Single sign-on and ability to launch directly out of your EHR.

<p>Robust search capability across multiple locations and systems.</p>

Robust search capability across multiple locations and systems.

<p>Fully configurable user access and audit reporting.</p>

Fully configurable user access and audit reporting.

A Single Source of Truth

Health Systems have many needs when dealing with legacy systems and the various data stored in those systems. Our depth of experience with health systems’ enterprise needs makes us uniquely positioned to help identify data migration, conversion, storage and access requirements, and then create the best solution to fit those needs.

With Trinisys ClearView, historical clinical information can be accessed through one centralized viewer and embedded as a combined view within the corporate EHR system.

Historical patient data is easily accessed simply by logging into just one system.

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