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Providing intuitive automation and integration solutions for healthcare, insurance and financial services.

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Our innovative platform offers solutions that help bridge the gap between your systems. Through our Convergence platform you can: Convert, Connect, and Combine.


System-to-System Conversions

An affordable option to facilitate major conversion projects, migration from legacy systems and paper to data transformations


System-to-System Conversions

Automate processes to connect with participants outside the organization to support surveys, human resource requests, billing, renewals and customer satisfaction


Ongoing System-to-System Integration

Move data from one system to another without major capital investments or add features to existing systems without the need for a serious upgrade

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Healthcare organizations have grown rapidly through acquisition requiring large investments to maintain EHR systems. Time-consuming data migrations have often proven expensive and lacking in effective data management. With ClearView, Trinisys places control back in your hands. Organizations can quickly and economically centralize patient information from a variety of EHR databases, conduct comprehensive search functions, assign security privileges and automate Release of Information.

The solution that Trinisys provided was delivered in a rapid timeframe and offered us exactly what we needed to complete this project.

Cindy Moore

Senior HR Learning Specialist- HRIS

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The solutions that Trinisys has delivered have given us a competitive advantage and a platform to position us for the future as more of our customers gravitate to web self-service.

Scott Davison

Vice President, IT

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With Trinisys, we didn't just get the project we came for, but a platform for a variety of other projects.

Cory McDermaid

Senior Manager of Business Systems

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